Melloney Lenk Profile

Melloney Lenk

Original artwork
Melloney is based in Manchester
Julia Everett Profile-1 800x600

Julia Everett

Original artwork, commissions.


Julia is a London based abstract seascape painter inspired by nature and music.
Gerry Halpin MBE MAFA Profile Pic

Gerry Halpin

Original artwork, prints, commissions. 
Gerry has won many major prizes and is popular with collectors and galleries alike.
Rod Bastable Profile Pic

Rod Bastable

Original artwork, commissions.
Rod is based near Newmarket. His work is widely collected and exhibited.
Colin Callon Profile Pic

Colin Callon

Original artwork, Fine Art prints.
Colin Callon 1932-2007 – 15{e651542c46246e8f79ba273fdebee2d128dafb7caea0cbe72a868463e3a2ac67} of each sale is contributed to a designated charity.

Neil Baglow

Original artwork, wallart, commissions.
Neil is a Lancashire based painter with a special interest in 17th Century Dutch engravers.
Michael Jackson Profile

Michael Jackson

Original artwork, commissions.
Michael is a British artist based in S W France and has an international reputation.
Mobile Banner by Gerry Halpin

Rivington Arts

Original artwork, wall-art, prints, cards
A selection of work from our local artists
Morton Murray Profile

Morton Murray

Original artwork, prints, wall-art
Morton Murray 1939 – 2008

Morton co-founded Horwich Art Society in 1996.

The net profit from Morton’s work is donated to charity.